Creative development
One of the most successful ways to scale traffic purchases is to add effective advertising materials (creatives) to your ad campaigns.

Our team can help you!
What is
an effective advertising material?
First and foremost, it is a combination of quality and effectiveness. Long story short, the creative must be beautiful, but it is important to find an approach to a user.
3 seconds
to attract a user's attention
Terabytes of expertise
in various niches
Your competitors
most likely, we have already worked with them and know what to do
Apart from creating videos and images, we also work with other promising ad formats, such as playable ads — when a user evaluates an app's performance, without downloading it.
The work starts with a comprehensive brainstorm between designers and procurement specialists; ideas are stacked in and the suitable ones are then picked.
We keep an eye on trends and apply situational marketing.
Upon the client's agreement and testing, the successful creative is duplicated with minor changes in order to improve the further results.
Thus, the process is built as a continuous assembly line that can produce hundreds of unique creatives per month.
The work of designers is included in our work on user acquisition.
However, we can regularly supply you with creatives with a piece-by-piece payment, greatly strengthening your own purchase.
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